Thursday, August 6, 2009


Wow in a matter of two years Allen "The Answer" Iverson has went from the one of the leagues premiere players to somebody nobody wants. Me personally because of A.I downfall with every team he played for I can't be befuddled with teams approaching this situation the way they are. His age plays a factor too, but if I was the New York Knicks front office (forget about the 2010 free agency market) here is your answer of at least one year to give your fans and your club any kind of chance to at least make the Playoff.I personally deep in my inner being somewhere believe the Answer still has it. If you compare the Philadelphia team he took to the finals and this current New York team there is no difference so he'll fit in perfectly.With New Yorks fastbreak offense he fits in perfectly with that too. So that leaves the question why not the Answer? New York is known for the resurgence of many careers Laterall Spreewell um ok that's where it stops, but when God sends you a calling New York you have to Answer it..writtin by: Its CEEEE!!!.

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