Monday, August 10, 2009


The Off season acquisitions has me quoting the great boxing referee Judge Mills Lane "Lets Get It On". With the addition of Shaq to the Cavs, Rasheed to Celtics,And Vince Carter to Orlando the east is going to be way more intriguing to watch.(in other words there's no hope of the Knicks unless they get Allen Iverson.)The team that I think has revamped and has went under the radar is the Dallas Mavericks. With the addition of Shawn Marion,Drew Gooden,and Tim Thomas they have a loaded roster. The combinations that can be done with this roster is endless and I think we could very well see this team in the western conference finals.Another team I think enhanced their ball club this off season was none other then the Los Angelos Lakers acquiring Ron Artest. You know the saying (I don't really know it word for word so I'm a paraphrase it)"history repeats itself". Well Dennis Rodman comes in the form of Ron Artest, we all know who Jordan is and you could pretty much place the rest. The Lakers is definitely my favorite to repeat. But it will also be very exciting to watch some of these teams match up during the season. Reguardless of what team your a fan of, there is going to be a lot of heavy weight bouts this season. The road to the finals is not going to be a fixed one by any means (Kobe Vs Lebron 08 never happened) so I got my ringside seats "lets get ready to rumble" (Michael Buffer). WRITTEN BY: ITS CEEEE

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